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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Author's product rating:

Value for Money Excellent

Advantages: great looking sleek hair within mins, also can curl hair
Disadvantages: makes my hair floopy at the front, you might get scared when you see smoke coming out of your hair

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Before the review here is the offcial videos from GHD that show you how to curl, straighten and create summer waves.

summer waves

curls styling


Full review
Ok I first came across GHD years ago, and I just thought it's just another hair straightened. It's been heavily advertised everywhere, on TV, magazines.
Here's is a quote from the miss groovy website

"Stars Who Use GHD Products

Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Friel, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce Knowles, Naomi Cambell, Julia Roberts, Martine Mc Cutcheon, Atomic Kittens, Victoria Beckham achieve their amazing style and sleek looks with GHD Ceramic Hair Straighteners.

Have a Good Hair Day with GHD Hair Straighteners. The Ultimate in Hair straighteners with ceramic non static, negative ion technology that everyone is talking about! "

I didn't know what it GHD meant until they advertised it on channel four the salon reality TV show. It stands for Good Hair Days.

Well I didn't bother with them until recently when a hairdresser used it on me, whilst styling my hair. OMG... as I saw how my hair transforms to shiny silky straight hair within 10 mins. Note (I thought my hair was going to be on fire as I saw smoke coming out of my hair whilst she straightened it.) Anyways after having my hair dyed that day I walked out the salon, and it was windy, typical weather for London. Totally impressed on how my hair stayed straight in the stormiest weather, and how the straightness lasted until my next wash. I thought to myself I have to get this no matter what now.

I had other straighteners that I purchased over the years, although I use iron protection spray my hair is still damage. I have brought babyliss straight and shine, was an excellent straightener and lasted quite a bit in the weather in London.
Also I brought Trevor sorbie straighteners, which was also good but because the plates are too thin, it took longer to straighten.
The last but not least Andrew collinage straightener I think this hair straightener is next best out of the 3 as it pulls hair my taunt and as it is wide plates straightens my hair very quick.

Back to GHD, I purchased GHD over the internet on HQhair.com as I knew it was a reputable company I seen the salons near regent street and Queensway. I paid £70 including the delivery, impressed it came the next day.
When I received my package I checked the product, it came in the usual black box embodied with GHD, and the now new hologram to test if it is genuine and orange text written on the box, inside was the straighteners and a product guide and of course instructions.

The test
As I knew the wonders of this product, I was testing how fast I can straighten my hair for.
Spraying some iron spray to protect my hair, well you know by know that the GHD heats up at 210 degrees. I use Toni and guys one, leaves hair moisturizes afterwards.
Plugged my straighteners in, and it took seconds to work, you can see the red lead blinking, this means it's ready to use.
Sectioning my hair off, the GHD guided through my hair very easy. As I said be warned you may think your hair is burning or on fire, as I saw smoke coming out of my hair. It took me less then two mins to straighten the bottom, and I was rough straightening it. If you notice the instant results of the GHD you can see that your hair is much softer to touch as it seals in moister. As I got to the front of my hair not sure why, but it flicked upwards. Anyone can guide me on how to straighten the front I be much appreciated as my other straighteners don't do this. As I found the only way to keep it down was to run to the bath room and wet my hair and use gel.
Well have to say took me less then 10 mins to straighten my hair, very impressed. I went out last night and came home 5 hours later and my hair was still straight my mate asked how comes my hair was dead straight today I told her the wonders of GHD.

Good points
Seals in moistener and hair oil for a smooth silky result.
Straightens so quick
Less damaging to hair then other straighteners
The best straightener I have used
Straightens stays until next wash

Bad points
You may get paranoid when you see smoke coming out of your hair
Makes my hair flick up at near front
Hard to put back in box as it's so small

MY TOP TIPS for super sleek hair
1)Shampoo and rough dry using a paddle brush, add some smoothing cream like Clynol tame lotion
2)Always section your hair, I do mine in four sections
3)Use a iron protector spray, it protects hair makes it smoother for longer
4)For staying hold I finish off my style with loreal elnett hair spray

Well overall I buy it as it is so worth the money, salon results every time.
I haven't had time to try curl my hair with this, but I give it a go and update my review when I do. Ok everyone I will also test my hair in a club and see how long my style last for, check back soon.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist
simply just amazing

Author's product rating:

Advantages: light weight, leaves hair soft
Disadvantages: none

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review
Well well here is another product for me to be tried and tested. A straightening addict, who batters the crap out of my own hair, is always on search of the best heat protection sprays/creams.
I have tried many L'Oreal techniart hot iron finish which is great but leaves sticky feeling to my hands.
Schwarzkopf flat liner cools hair down but makes sizzling sounds as you iron.
Charles Worthington gets straight good but overpowering smell.
Toni & guy iron it defence spray its ok but makes hair greasy the next day.
Taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offers in boots, and triple points and abusing my friends discount card for boots I decided to buy the lee Stafford range.

Who is lee Stafford?

Hairdressing for Essex who has salon chains nationwide, his hair products are loved by celebs like Rachel Stevens and dido.

Looks and packaging

An eye catching see- thru striking pink, it is noticeable amongst the other hair care products. It is embossed with the silver dog logo; he used his dog for I think a bull terrier. White writing and the colourful barcode which is also his trademark. The flat iron protection mist is a 200ml bottle, with a spray.On the packaging it says it is made with green tea which is a heat protection agent.
Retail price is £4.99 quite cheap compared to my other ones like L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf.
==Direction of use ==
Spray form arms length onto towel dried hair before blow drying and each section as you straighten.

I personally never use any product prior to blow drying, except some spray so my hair dries quicker.

In action

I also have used lee Stafford poker straight treatment in my hair before trying out the protection mist and I highly recommend it to others as my hair is softer and subtle to touch. It also made my hair straighter.
Sectioning my hair I started to spray the product on, I was quite shocked how light it was. It didn't weigh my hair down like the others I have tried and the irons just glided through easily. There was no steam coming from my hair, usually when I use GHD they will be steam as I straighten, but this doesn't do that. The smell, well I drink green tea and it smells nothing like green tea, very sweet smelling like candy. It is meant to be a shine mist as well but I didn't notice any extra shine in my hair. I think I sprayed quite a bit onto my hair but as I said it so light weight you don't feel anything in your hair.


I used three of lee Stafford pink range and I'm really impressed with them I shall be trying his other products, they so light it doesn't weigh down your hair no matter how much you use. This leaves your hair softer and I'm sure it has protected my hair as no signs of steam from straightening.

Results on the right

Kerastase Nutritive Aqua Oleum review

Friday, 19 October 2007

my first product for today

Kerastase Nutritive Aqua Oleum 4x12ml

Author's product rating:

Value for Money Satisfactory

Advantages: some parts of hair is left silky and shiny smells nice
Disadvantages: didnt change much of the dry parts

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review
----Background info-------
Keastase is a premium brand by L'Oreal. The best place to go to find out more information about their products is your local salon and their website.
Ther e are 6 ranges to choose from, this treatment I am reviewing is from the Nutritive, the orange and yellow colour range. This range is ideal to add nourishment to dry and sensitized hair.
I brought this particular product as I have severely damaged my hair using boots permanent system. Not only had it frizzed my hair some parts broke off as I was doing the straightening process.
-----Where to buy------
I want to hair express in BHS to purchase my product. This cost me £22.50. This is considered ok if you were to buy it at Selfridges, and Harrods it be a few pounds more. The best place to buy this is at hair salons and the internet.
---Packaging and what you get---
Presented very well, with a nice plastic box, with the logo and product name printed on. The 'K' logo is on the top middle of the box with a strip of orange, to show what range it's from.
The inside is in a nice plastic compartment, with the 4 little 12ml bottles and the spray bottle.
-----Claims and instructions on how to use--
This intense nourishment will leave your dry and chemically treated hair detangled and smooth after one application.
Kerastase Aqua Oleum treatment combines the richness of the natural oil from jojoba and avocado with the lightness of water. The ultra fine emulsion allows the active ingredients to penetrate your hair immediately.
This process is instantaneous and the effect long lasting. It leaves your hair detangled and smooth front root to end.
Aqua-Oleum transforms your hair leaving it irresistibly soft and silky.

Directions of Use:
  1. Spray Kerastase Aqua Oleum onto your washed and towel-dried hair
  2. Comb through
  3. Rinse immediately

----Verdict tried and tested----
Well I was a fan of bain satin and this product is highly raved in magazines that I went to fork out on this.
After using bain satin 3, which I find rubbish, use no2. No3 made the dry ends even frizzy then it is and hard to tangle.
I attached the bottle of aqua oleum to the spray attachment and it was good to go. Section off my hair I started of with the bottom, it was very easy to use. Just spray the ends and concentrate on the drier parts of the hair. The smell was lovely hard to describe, but very sweet smelling. The actual treatment is very light weight like water.
So it's not that heavy on your hair, once you finish your whole head, you comb through and meant to rinse straight away but I left it in for 5 mins.
After the 5 mins, I rinsed my hair, it was more detangable but I didn't feel much of the instant softness it meant to give.
As I left my hair to dry natural, the natural undamaged hair was feeling squeaky clean and looking shiny and felt softer. But the problem area looks the same as it did before the treatment.
I recommend this product if you have nice natural hair that needs a treatment, but for the dry and damage I advise to try something else.
This is meant to last for 5 washes I can smell the scent each time my hair touches water, and today the hair still feels nice.

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