Lush Grease lighting and tea tree toner review

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

grease lightning

Both products have been tested over a month; I have completely finished the 100g tea tree water.
The tea tree water helps tone and detoxifies skin; it contains tea tree, grapefruit and juniper. Describing the smell out of all the ingredients I can only smell a subtle hint of tree tea.
Grease lightning is spot treatment, with a gel like consistency; it is anti bacterial and has witch hazel, tea tree, and aloe vera to smooth skin.
Tea tree water is a great product to kill bacteria infected skin; I had a large area of sore red spots near my chin. My strict skincare routine was Herbalisim, then tea tree water, applied imperialis moisturiser and then Grease lightning. In just 2 days the redness in my sore spots was greatly reduced and the surface of the lumps shrank.  The combination of these products has killed off spots, and I started to regain smooth blemish free skin again. Towards the end of my month trial I sadly used up my Herbalism cleanser and brought some new products.
I have now changed my skincare to new products which I will update in a month, but I will most defiantly repurchase both products again.
I also must add, that Lush has such exceptional customer service, my grease lightning stopped pumping out product, I emailed the Lush team asking for a new pump, and they replied to me if I send back the product they will send me a brand new product. They also gave me extra goodies in the package which I’m really happy about.

T3 Perfect Blow dry video guide

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

So I brought this set of T3 Tourmaline Hairbrushes back in February and I recently went to check out website for hair tips and came across T3’s youtube page.

This video teaches you how to use the hair brushes I brought, techniques how to give volume at the root of the hair etc.
Me personally I own 10+ hair brushes and they all function differently to give different finishes.

I can’t believe all this time I didn’t know I was using the vent brush wrong.
How many hair brushes do you own? What are your favourites that you can’t live without?

MAC Red Russian Lipstick Swatch

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Today’s FOTD was simple black eye liner and red lips, I love MAC Russian Red to make me glamorous. 
The finish is matte it is a intense bluish red, red lips is hard to wear as it makes your teeth look yellow. I highly recommend Beverly hills whitening toothpaste and a sonic care electric toothbrush to keep teeth looking pearly white.


Make up inspiration photo

This is such a brilliant make up application 


This is such a brilliant make up application

Even more Good Things Skincare Haul

I’m so bad, I was suppose to head to Tony Hadley concert with my friend, but since i’m ill I thought it was best to stay home. I feel sorry for the “King of Leon” fans, the concert was postpone as their tour bus was on fire. Yikes.
The Boots near me closes at 8pm, and they had a 100 bonus points coupon for spending £8 or more on skincare, I was a bit naughty and brought another 2 products from their range.

150ml PRICE: £4.99

Good Things Skincare Haul

Good things is a British skincare by beauty write Alice Hart Davis the products does not contain harsh chemicals and is FREE from Parabeans, Mineral Oils, sodium laureth sulphate and animal ingrediants.
I try my best to buy natural products that does not contain the above, after months battling with the acne, I wanted to try the anti-blemish range. They call it the “blue range” to me the packaging is purple colour.
I will be writing another follow up the Lush products I recently used it cleared and killed most of the bacteria on my face.

I asked the nice people at Good things to recommend me products for my current skin condition, which is sensitive and acne prone.

I have purchased the following products from Boots:

I’m already loving the 5 minute facial face mask, I tested a small patch on my hand, after rinsing the skin looked brighter, radiant and the skin was smoother.

Will be updating how I get along with these in the next few weeks. Merry Christmas everyone, I have been over month and been super busy with my life, I will be updating more during the next few weeks.

Kim Kardashian Make up storage!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Kim Kardashian Make up storage! 
I wanted one after i saw it on the show, you can buy the exact same one from Starlets & Harlets for $290 each. I totally need one alternatively buy some acrylic storage from muji, that’s what I’m using at present. 
photo via celebritybuzz

Kim Kardashian Make up storage!
I wanted one after i saw it on the show, you can buy the exact same one from Starlets & Harlets for $290 each. I totally need one alternatively buy some acrylic storage from muji, that’s what I’m using at present.
photo via celebritybuzz

November Favourites

Friday, 10 December 2010

Naked bodycare Coco butter - This is a online exclusive to Nakedbody care i really love this it smelled so good, i smelt like vanilla chocolate all day and it moisturiser really well on to the skin.

Naked bodycare scrub up - This is one of my favourite products from Naked, the sea salt doesn’t scratches the skin and leaves me with a nice glow and soft skin.

Body Shop Midnight Blue eyeshadow - Fantastic pay off the only downside to this shadow it crumbles after a while.

Lush Tea Tree Water - Excellent for killing bacteria on your skin, I have been using a combination of Lush products for the remaining acne on my face and my skin has cleared up tremendously.

Lush Herbalism - a gentle exfoliating product it has antiseptic products in the ingrediants.

Lush grease lighting - a spot fighting product, I love this it disinfected my skin and stopped further breakouts on my face.

Purity Organic skincare conditioning cleanser - OMG, even with my double cleansing routine, using DHC deep cleansing oil and herbalisim, there was still traces of dirt on my face, this took every bit of grime left on my face.  What a bargain for £4.99.

Barbara Daly concealer - I keep forgetting to add this to month’s favourites, using my trusty MAC 224 brush and this helps conceals my face nicely and the 224 diffuses the product nicely.

Taste of Christmas 2010

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Taste of Christmas 2010

I’m back from pigging out at this year Taste of Christmas, there was so much mouth watering food at this place, me and my friend van stuffed ourselves with food. We watched Antony Thompson cooked in front of eyes and ate some fresh baked mince pies from one of the chefs from Scott’s restaurants. We brought food in the currency of crowns.
Here is a selection of photos from today.
Liquor chocolate ice cream with chilli crunchy chocolate
LV cake anyone? by
Had some mini pancakes with Canadian syrup
Lamb mutton dish with new potatoes for 14 crowns yum yum
Organic salmon sashimi 8 crowns
My FOTD was simple
MAC mineralized satin finish foundation NC35 with MSF natural medium.
Body shop eyeshadow in 42, MAC smoulder eyeliner, Maybeline turbo mascara.
Kiehls lip balm

NOTD - Essie Damsel in Distress

NOTD - Essie Damsel in Distress
A deep iridescent blackcurrant colour. 

NOTD - Essie Damsel in Distress
A deep iridescent blackcurrant colour. 

Fujifilm instax/cheki mini 25

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Remember my post for ‘Yone x Cheki’ Box-Set Lomography’ no I didn’t buy that camera set but I got myself the Fujifilm instax mini 25.

I won first prize for the bimbibap soho tag me facbook contest, which was $100 yesasia voucher. The funny thing was that I was eyeing up the camera telling myself if I won I would buy myself the instax mini 25.
There are several versions of the instax mini 25, the Korean market has the pink and blue one exclusively sold in that country. Also the hello kitty limited edition is very popular, I have played with the 7s and this is a great upgrade from that model, the pictures are very sharp and vivid.
Instax mini films can be very pricey, I buy mine from ebay, and I enjoy decorating my photo’s using posca and miffy beauty pens.
My camera cost $128 from yesasia 

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara review

The Max Factor Lash effect mascara is lengthening mascara it promises to create fluttersome lashes.
From the Max Factor website: “The Secret? Our longest brush ever reaches even the tricky corner lashes, leaving you with corner to corner length and impact. Choose from three high fashion shades, graphic black, flattering black/brown or waterproof classic black.”
Product claims:
Make-up artists and beauty lovers know that alluring, long lashes can only be achieved by reaching those hardest-to-reach corner lashes to create a dramatic fan of length. Inspired by professional lash extensions, Lash Extension Effect delivers dramatic length for ALL of your lashes - even the tricky corner ones.Discover Lash Extension Effect:
  • Max Factor’s unique tapered brush reaches the most important corner lashes, adding dramatic corner detail
  • Our longest mascara brush ever
I start by talking about the brush; it is roughly around 3cm in length, made of plastic bristles. Some of you are aware that I’m not a major fan of mascaras with plastic brushes. The brush does pick up all the lashes, even the tiny ones in the corner that you thought you never had.
Verdict – I wanted to like this mascara but the formula is too wet and made my lashes flop back down within minutes, as you can see even with 2 coats of mascara, there wasn’t much of a definition. It did not give me length as advertised. The only good thing about this mascara it coated evens the tiniest hairs around the corner of my eyes. The mascara cost £10.99 for 6.5ml this product is a miss for me and I won’t be repurchasing this mascara I prefer Maxfactor’s Master piece mascara.

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