November Favourites

Friday, 10 December 2010

Naked bodycare Coco butter - This is a online exclusive to Nakedbody care i really love this it smelled so good, i smelt like vanilla chocolate all day and it moisturiser really well on to the skin.

Naked bodycare scrub up - This is one of my favourite products from Naked, the sea salt doesn’t scratches the skin and leaves me with a nice glow and soft skin.

Body Shop Midnight Blue eyeshadow - Fantastic pay off the only downside to this shadow it crumbles after a while.

Lush Tea Tree Water - Excellent for killing bacteria on your skin, I have been using a combination of Lush products for the remaining acne on my face and my skin has cleared up tremendously.

Lush Herbalism - a gentle exfoliating product it has antiseptic products in the ingrediants.

Lush grease lighting - a spot fighting product, I love this it disinfected my skin and stopped further breakouts on my face.

Purity Organic skincare conditioning cleanser - OMG, even with my double cleansing routine, using DHC deep cleansing oil and herbalisim, there was still traces of dirt on my face, this took every bit of grime left on my face.  What a bargain for £4.99.

Barbara Daly concealer - I keep forgetting to add this to month’s favourites, using my trusty MAC 224 brush and this helps conceals my face nicely and the 224 diffuses the product nicely.


luckiebeauty said...

Herbalism is a really great cleanser/gentle srub!

But it smells like pizza haha!

Le said...

@luckiebeauty haha pizza??? that's a first, smells very herbal to me LOL

luckiebeauty said...

@Le : I think they put oregano in it. And my mom use it for her pizza sauce/spaghetti sauce. Hahahaha I know it's weird. XD

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