Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Brought these Boots Botanic eye colours eye shadows a VERY long time ago and kept forgetting to swatch, overall it’s a ok. The payoff is not bad my only worry is it has “cones” on the ingredients, it’s also interesting to see “apple” and “coconut” extracts too.


I won 2 brushes from last year the SS187 and SS119 they a great cheaper alternative to MAC cosmetics brushes.
In the third photo you can see the comparison to both brush almost identical. My demo shows the SS187 in action, the stippling brush provides a great air brush look on my face. (almost like real live Photoshop) the brush applies liquid foundation evenly with little effort.
The foundation I used is MAC face and body in C4, it looks very dewy on the skin and is lightweight and hides imperfections easily. The finish look I used MAC prep and prime powder and my usual eyeliner, mascara and blush.
The only downside to the sigma SS187 is when I wash the brush the black dye runs everytime.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I call myself a hair chameleon, I look back at photos from the past and remember events by my haircut and colour and now I’m going through this phrase where I want to change my appearance, over the years I dyed my hair all sorts. Most craziest was the purple and pinks.
So I need your help! Vote what colour I should dye my hair next?
Out of my hair photos which one do you like best?
What colour shall I dye my hair?

Chocolate brown with blonde pieces
Honey Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Dark Brown with reds
Biscuit brown
Reddish Brown
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June Favourites

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It’s a long due post!
1. Laidbare skincare - Been using this for 2 months so far it’s stopped new spots erupting on my face and makes my skin glow. My face is feeling alot more supple, and it’s working wonders for my blackheads.

2. MAC Blondie MSF - This product get’s neglected the MUA said Blondie (intended for fairer skin) looks best for my skin tone. It has 3 different shades the lightest can be used as a highlighter. 
3. Australian Bodycare Pure Tea Tree oil - I have no idea why this product is hard to get on the high street I have to use lookfantastic to purchase mine, I use this to disinfect my lash curlers it cleans them so well.
4. Tommy Girl Perfume - A change to my favourite perfume it is also light with floral notes.
5. Sigma SS197 - I won one of these last year and it gives a great airbrush feel to my skin.
6. MAC BBabe - It’s close to my natural lip colour, I either wear my lips bold or chose a natural lipstick.

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