Lush Grease lighting and tea tree toner review

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

grease lightning

Both products have been tested over a month; I have completely finished the 100g tea tree water.
The tea tree water helps tone and detoxifies skin; it contains tea tree, grapefruit and juniper. Describing the smell out of all the ingredients I can only smell a subtle hint of tree tea.
Grease lightning is spot treatment, with a gel like consistency; it is anti bacterial and has witch hazel, tea tree, and aloe vera to smooth skin.
Tea tree water is a great product to kill bacteria infected skin; I had a large area of sore red spots near my chin. My strict skincare routine was Herbalisim, then tea tree water, applied imperialis moisturiser and then Grease lightning. In just 2 days the redness in my sore spots was greatly reduced and the surface of the lumps shrank.  The combination of these products has killed off spots, and I started to regain smooth blemish free skin again. Towards the end of my month trial I sadly used up my Herbalism cleanser and brought some new products.
I have now changed my skincare to new products which I will update in a month, but I will most defiantly repurchase both products again.
I also must add, that Lush has such exceptional customer service, my grease lightning stopped pumping out product, I emailed the Lush team asking for a new pump, and they replied to me if I send back the product they will send me a brand new product. They also gave me extra goodies in the package which I’m really happy about.


luckiebeauty said...

Happy that you saw improvement with this routine!

I loved Herbalism when I used it! Combined with Fresh Pharmacy it was wonderful.

Lush = love!

Le said...


did you find fresh pharmacy drying on some areas of the face?

Lol these aren't my usual spots had it for over 3-4 months and they won't disappear.


Anonymous said...

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