Kerastase Nutritive Aqua Oleum review

Friday, 19 October 2007

my first product for today

Kerastase Nutritive Aqua Oleum 4x12ml

Author's product rating:

Value for Money Satisfactory

Advantages: some parts of hair is left silky and shiny smells nice
Disadvantages: didnt change much of the dry parts

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review
----Background info-------
Keastase is a premium brand by L'Oreal. The best place to go to find out more information about their products is your local salon and their website.
Ther e are 6 ranges to choose from, this treatment I am reviewing is from the Nutritive, the orange and yellow colour range. This range is ideal to add nourishment to dry and sensitized hair.
I brought this particular product as I have severely damaged my hair using boots permanent system. Not only had it frizzed my hair some parts broke off as I was doing the straightening process.
-----Where to buy------
I want to hair express in BHS to purchase my product. This cost me £22.50. This is considered ok if you were to buy it at Selfridges, and Harrods it be a few pounds more. The best place to buy this is at hair salons and the internet.
---Packaging and what you get---
Presented very well, with a nice plastic box, with the logo and product name printed on. The 'K' logo is on the top middle of the box with a strip of orange, to show what range it's from.
The inside is in a nice plastic compartment, with the 4 little 12ml bottles and the spray bottle.
-----Claims and instructions on how to use--
This intense nourishment will leave your dry and chemically treated hair detangled and smooth after one application.
Kerastase Aqua Oleum treatment combines the richness of the natural oil from jojoba and avocado with the lightness of water. The ultra fine emulsion allows the active ingredients to penetrate your hair immediately.
This process is instantaneous and the effect long lasting. It leaves your hair detangled and smooth front root to end.
Aqua-Oleum transforms your hair leaving it irresistibly soft and silky.

Directions of Use:
  1. Spray Kerastase Aqua Oleum onto your washed and towel-dried hair
  2. Comb through
  3. Rinse immediately

----Verdict tried and tested----
Well I was a fan of bain satin and this product is highly raved in magazines that I went to fork out on this.
After using bain satin 3, which I find rubbish, use no2. No3 made the dry ends even frizzy then it is and hard to tangle.
I attached the bottle of aqua oleum to the spray attachment and it was good to go. Section off my hair I started of with the bottom, it was very easy to use. Just spray the ends and concentrate on the drier parts of the hair. The smell was lovely hard to describe, but very sweet smelling. The actual treatment is very light weight like water.
So it's not that heavy on your hair, once you finish your whole head, you comb through and meant to rinse straight away but I left it in for 5 mins.
After the 5 mins, I rinsed my hair, it was more detangable but I didn't feel much of the instant softness it meant to give.
As I left my hair to dry natural, the natural undamaged hair was feeling squeaky clean and looking shiny and felt softer. But the problem area looks the same as it did before the treatment.
I recommend this product if you have nice natural hair that needs a treatment, but for the dry and damage I advise to try something else.
This is meant to last for 5 washes I can smell the scent each time my hair touches water, and today the hair still feels nice.


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