NEW Avon Moisture seduction - Red Kiss lipstick swatch

Friday, 4 February 2011

The lovely Avon sent me their newest lipstick to try “Moisture seduction”, it promises to moisture for 24 hrs. I manged to swatch and test for 4 hours.
Surprisingly the red blends into with my natural lip colour nicely, it’s a lovely creamy texture.  The bad thing about this the staying power is not so good, I managed to stain my bath towel, and hand by accidence touching my lips.
What’s good about the product, it moisturise as promised it looks really natural on my lips.
The fun part of this promotional card, was the “read my lips” section, kiss the box to check out what your lip shape says about you.
I think mine is in-between round/oval and wavy.
- you are happiest when others are happy too
- you like things to run smoothly
 - you don’t like to argue and prefer to operate
- you are extremely creative with a great imagination
- you are a artist
- your talent is known and appreciated by others
Lucky for me with this promotional sample  I get to order the full size version for FREE!

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