February Favourites

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lush King of Skin - I love this after you finishing cleansing rub this all over your body and rinse of made with fresh bananas to nourish your skin, this leaves the skin soft for days. The downside is that it doesn’t last very long it’s nearly used up within 4 applications. Lush make a bigger version please!
A’kin Orange blossom shampoo - This was my least favourite A’kin shampoo for me, but I love to use this for shampooing my make up brushes it cleanses my brush from deep within.
DHC Deep Cleansing oil - Still my HG product for removing full make up applications for my face, it really cleans the skin and leaves it soft.
MAC Face and body foundation C4 - My skin does not look too bad and I only like to wear very thin foundation, this stuff is great, sweat proof, water proof contains no SPF so it looks great on camera. People even say it’s good enough for HD
MAC Brush Cleanser - do you remember when you first purchase a new make up brush how soft and dense it was? This stuff magically conditions it back to life, at one point I thought I wasted my money, as I intended to use this for spot cleaning it works better if you followed the directions.
Tara Smith Feed the root shampoo and conditioner -  Been using this for a whole month, I like it but don’t love it, it has helped my hair grow quicker and I like the tingling sensation on the scalp it feels weird rinsing my hair with cold water though.

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