Alva COLEUR concealer #medium review

Monday, 14 March 2011

Besides mineral foundation foundation I never really explored natural make up. I decided to choose a natural make up product to try out for this month.

Taken from Mypure website
Alva COLEUR entices with its modern natural tones, young fresh feel and innovative natural ingredients. The entire range is certified organic by EcoCert®, its also vegan, talc-free and carmine-free. 

What makes COLEUR truly unique amongst all other natural and organic make-up brands is that all products contain Wellmune®, a patented beta glucan that primes the immune system – this makes COLEUR make-up suitable for those who may be prone to eczema, dermatitis and other sensitive skin conditions. Wellmune® also has anti-ageing benefits.
Alva Coleur concealorCertified organic and vegan concealer. Colour matched with Coleur medium Fluid Foundation and medium Baked Powder. Anti-ageing makeup. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Covers tired eyes, impurities and redness invisibly and evenly, so that skin is perfectly prepared for make-up. Also ideal as a base for eye shadow and lipstick. The medium Concealer is colour-matched with the medium Fluid Foundation and medium Baked Powder. With patented active beta glucan, nourishing apricot kernel oil, calendula extract, flax oil and evening primrose oil.

Alva Coleur concealer only comes in 2 shades; unfortunately the colour didn’t match me I picked shade #2 medium. It was a tad bit dark, with peachy tones.

Full Ingredients

carnauba wax, rice powder, apricot seed extract, squalene, vitamin E, natural perfume, macadamia oil, wellmune, evening primrose oil, camelina oil, marigold extract, licorice root extract, geraniol, citronellol, limonene 
Packagingit comes in a stylish slick black lipstick style, 4g in size and cost £11.35

 nice creamy texture
 only comes in 2 shades
✗ wasn’t long wearing
Verdict: The concealer was nice and creamy texture, I apply this on top of acne and it did not irritate my skin at all. I used a MAC 224 brush or ELF studio concealer to apply this onto my skin. It did take a few layers to notice the difference. It didn’t completely cover my spots/scars and I found the concealer didn’t last very long, 8 hours gone and it slipped from my face.  For me, I wouldn’t repurchase this product as it did not match my skin colour, I would love to see more shades from Alva in the near future.

❤❤❤ Product love rating 3/5

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