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Sunday, 7 November 2010

So today I decided to get rid of the blondes in my hair and dye the hair darker. So it came to mind to talk about skin tone complexion and how to find the perfect hair colour to bring out your eyes and features. As I go to the hairdressers a lot I picked up information and researched online.  The colour guide I give below is for Schwarzkopf professional hair dye that you find in the salon. The hair dye i used today was Loreal luo colour but the shading system different and I cant find any pictures of the colour star.
You need to determine what skin tone you are the main two is cool and warm but there are some people out there who are neutral.
Warm – Those with a warm skin tone will have green veins and have golden undertones in their skin.  People in this category are warm characters and from the Schwarzkopf colourist colour star you can opt for colours with -49, -4, -54, -5, -55, .77, 0-88, and 89. These colours have gold – yellow, copper – orange or red in the tints.
Cool – Those with a cool skin tone will have blue veins and you will naturally look pale. People in this category can opt for the shades with -33,-22, and 11. These colours tend to be ash like, violent, ash-blue, matt-green.

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