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Friday, 22 October 2010

Around twice a year my skin would become acne prone, it hasn’t help that i’ve been drinking alcohol and clubbing every weekend. All this combined has played havoc to my poor face, forehead and chin is part covered in acne.
I been trying my usual anti-bacterial spot fighting products, but still struggled to keep them at bay. Reading Make-up savvy post back to basics I decided to go back to the soap cleansing method. I must say the soap bar cleansing method works best for me, it cleanses grim thoroughly, back in my uni days I used Clinique 3 step for around 4 years and then it stop working. It gave me flawless smooth skin, now my skin is aging I’m always on the look out for products to maintain that flawless look. Since then I moved on to DHC 4 step system it gave me radiant glowing skin, but I been testing a lot of new skincare lately. Some has broke me out like CRAZY, so no coco butter or shea butter on my face, as it just clogs the pores on face.
So here are my products that i’m using right now, plus these items where all under £5 each.
  • Sebamed bar soap
  • Australian body care pure tree tea oil
  • Brevoxyl cream
  • Glycerin and rosewater toner
  • Olay sensitive skin moisturizer
I choosen non comedogenic items to use, but right now looking at the ingredients of the Olay, it has silicone in it (Dimethicone), i might change it to my olive oil moisturizer. 
Sebamed soap is formulated for ph 5.5 skin, it has been very effective to reducing the inflammation in my skin, the spots are smaller and it is killing baterica. It claims to be ideal for eczema and acne, for its anti-microbial and astringent actions. However i have noticed dry patches on my eye area and cheek. A 100g bar cost me £1.99
Australian Tree tea oil the best i used tree tea oil i have used, this product is quite hard to find in the UK now, i ordered mine on lookfantastic. I use this at night to kill bacteria around my spots/acne.
Brevoxyl cream is for mild to moderate acne, this is what i got on prescription from my doctor, if you have really bad acne i suggest going to for tips. I used the regimen last year when acne was really bad!
Glycerin and rosewater toner is something i use if my skin feels dehydrated and absorbs the moisturiser better. 

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