Yaby Cosmetics review

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Background information
yaby was developed by Toronto makeup artist, liz Yu, when she was searching for a solution to condensing her ever growing kit. after going through a number of DIY kit solutions, that eventually have to be replaced due to the limitations of easily sourced DIY materials, liz decided to create a more permanent and easily customized solution for all artists looking for an answer to their kits organization.

as a solution for make artists in all sectors of the industry, yaby carries palettes that provide convenience and highly customizable. each palette features built in stainless steel mixing palette, magnetic base, shock absorbing foam inserts with easy to clean surface, as well as the highly in demand freestyle palette. 
matte (M) : completely matte
satin (S) : from almost matte to light sheen
frost (F) : higher sheen finish without being super reflective
high shine (HS) : shimmery finish great for accents and highlights
Pearl paint (PP) : a creamy eyeshadow that is actually a powder
So i finally brought some Yaby cosmetics to play with, i brought a free style palette £10.99, it is a empty magnetic palette that you can put any shape size pans inside. I also  brought 8 pearl paint eyeshadows costing £2.50 each.
Simple white and silver Yaby font, i’m in love with the font their used on the packaging, and the silver pantone they choose for the text. It looks very elegant with minimal effect. The freeform palette is very sturdy and the magnet is very strong.
These shadows are TINY, even smaller then 5p, see pic above for comparison. I am very pleased with the colour pay off, highly pigmented and very smooth to apply to the eyes. Shows up on photos very well. The eyeshadows i picked are from the pearl paint range and cost £2.50 each, the other shadows are £1.99.

The only problem which is quite common is that some of the pans are not filled to the top, it is a Manufacturers fault and not the company where i purchased from.
I brought mine from http://themakeupartistboutique.com it is run by 3 people, they are lovely! you can also get 10% off your first order. Enter FIRSTORDER in the checkout.

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