A’kin Jojoba & lavender light conditioner review

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A’kin is part of the purist company from Australia, you can find more info about the company and products on their website http://purist.com/products.php they use the purest botanical ingredients in their products. All A’kin products are free from sulphates, ethoxylates, parabeans, silicones, petrochemical cleansers, & artificial colours.  
I have been using A’kin products since the end of last year, so I knew what to expect with this product. The jojoba & lavender conditioner is formulated for “normal, fine, & oily hair” on the bottle it promises “light conditioning & natural lustre whilst improving the vigour of your hair and scalp. Your hair will have body be silky soft, shiny & manageable”. The artwork on the packaging feels very polished, a hand drawing of the plant, and script font with a description. The back has the usual directions, info, and ingredients.
I have been testing this product with the A’kin Lavender dry & damaged hair shampoo and the L’oveaBio L’Argan Shampooing brilliance for over 3 weeks. With A’kin’s shampoos it is a must to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair, because it tangles really badly when you wash the hair.
The conditioner has a nice creamy texture and the scent of lavender is natural and not artificial, I love inhaling the scent it’s such a nice feeling. The bottle is dark green and with a pop cap. I once left a bottle of shampoo underneath the bed and all of the contents leaked. So be careful with where you store the product. The conditioner instantly detangled my hair from the A’kin shampoo, with the L’ovea shampoo my hair was not tangled after washing, and the combination gave my hair some extra shine. This is the only conditioner I have used that advise you to massage into the scalp. The problem with this conditioner is that it did not give me enough softness, hydration and made my hair greasy quicker then usual.
After styling and blow drying the hair, the condition seem normal, it left a moderate shine to my hair. After 2 days my scalp started to smell and started to get greasy quicker then usual. I have used the other A’kin conditioners in the past and have not experienced the same problem compare to the light conditioner. My hair is normal to dry and has many layers and the length is just above my shoulders. This product promised silky soft hair but unfortunately I did not achieve such results.
Here is a picture of my hair after washing it with A’kin shampoo and conditoner.

 If you have normal to dry hair like me use the Avocado & calendula re-moisturising conditioner, it works far better and does not leave the hair greasy. Although I personally will not repurchase this conditioner I do highly recommend A’kin Lavender shampoo and A’kin avocado & calendula conditioner for normal to dry hair.
A 225ml bottle cost £7.49 and is available from my pure http://www.mypure.co.uk/akin-hair-care-b2/jojoba-lavender—conditioner-p13

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