SUQQU Gankin Massage technique

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

SUQQU has created a quick, but an innovative new massage technique.
The GANKIN MASSAGE method explores the relationship between stiff facial muscles
and sagging skin . Stiffness indicates that the lymph flow is not working efficiently
and therefore prevents waste from being drained smoothly causing the skin to swell or sag.
With the simple but effective techniques of the GANKIN, you can massage away facial stiffness and tension in as little as three minutes, promoting blood circulation
and lymph flow, whilst enhancing overall skin metabolism.
What’s more, this refreshing massage gives you a firmer facial contour, sharper chin line,
and more definition in the lower half of the face.
Experience these amazing benefits at home with a daily morning and evening massage.
I have been using this technique and have seen major improvements to saggy my skin around the cheeks and chin.

Download the massage technique here

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