Lovea Bio l’Argan shampooing brilliance review

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lovea is a company from France that specialise in sun care products and ha

s other ranges for the skin and hair. Lovea Bio is a organic hair care range.

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The product I’m reviewing is the Bio L’Argan Shampooin

g brilliance; it contains 0.3% of

Morocco Argan Oil. Argan oil is known as liquid gold and is known to do wonders to the skin; it contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, sterols, polyphenols and other important antioxidants. It has nutritive, anti aging, properties.

Lovea products do not contain any, parabean, silicone, GMO,

PEG, phenoxyethanol, colorants and synthetic perfumes.


A brightly coloured yellow tube, the

cap is secured on to the tube, with a sticker label, Lovea trademark fo

nt and a picture of the argan. If I was to past this product in a supermarket I would have thought it was sun screen. At the back of the tube it has brown text with French and English instructions. The product promises to bring health and vitality to dull lifeless hair. The tube is 200ml in size and the PAO is 12 months.


The shampoo is transparent in colour and has a lovely tropical exotic scent to; it produces a rich lather in my hair. The consistency is quite runny and a lot of product comes out, I use roughly a golf ball size amount for my thick hair. Without conditioner my scalp and hair felt really clean, and my hair was full of shine, the shampoo left my hair more bouncy and fuller but after a day my hair turned coarse, so in my next few washes I added a conditioner.

Overall I like the smell of the shampoo it smells naturally good without any artificial perfume, on it’s on my hair was shiny, and fuller. As my current condition of my hair

is coloured and quite dry I had to introduce conditioners when I wash my hair, as it can look coarse after a few days. It’s been about a week and half of product testing and I think I might buy the conditioner to use with shampoo. It hasn’t irritated my scalp, or produced any dandruff which I’m very happy about.

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